He’s going on vacation tomorrow morning and I’m alone and I have to do that presentation Tuesday which is fucking scary but I CAN THIS



what are snails even trying to do

their best

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I suck at typing out presentations. I rather just talk and babble but I’m too scared that I’ll become nervous again and can’t find my words and writing things down might help me remember.

This girl in my class is so nice I almost cannot believe it. She is going to sleepover the night before I have my presentation so I don’t have to be alone. I told her I’d probably cry a lot that night but that she’s very welcome if that’s not a problem to her and I’m so glad she’ll sleepover.

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I’m so lucky

Me and my boy

Me and my boy


Edgar Degas: Orchestra musicians


Edgar Degas: Orchestra musicians

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Tips from classmates:

1 keep breathing

2 distance yourself from your work

3 be proud of your work

4 give extra attention to work that you really like

5 talk about progress and where the progress is shown in different works

6 speak objective, don’t talk about how you felt while creating the work. Look at the quality and things that could be improved

7 think positiv

8 remember to keep breathing

My boyfriend and I have not so much in common but we both sneeze quite a lot. Is this a good foundation for a relationship? I think it is.

My camera on my phone isn’t working this might mean that I will have to use the selfie camera for the rest of this phones live.

I cooked very good today

I cooked very good today


I have a little pimple INSIDE my nose, it hurts.